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Notes ‘n Links – Wondrous Roots Radio – August 27, 2016 – Rebecca Montrone

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We’re all gonna dieTHANK GOD! “beam me aboard Scotty”… but in the meantime … let’s live this mortal life to the fullest!

Woman Holds Party Before Killing Herself in an Assisted Suicide

Inside my Terminally Ill Friends Party Before Ending Her Life

NO CURE?  Really?  Well, CURES can only come from the AMA validated through the FDA and controlled by Big Pharma … Don’t you DARE try to help anyone otherwise; THAT’s against the law!


KETOGENIC DIET (low carb/high fat) – and this is exciting:  check this out A ketogenic diet as a potential novel therapeutic intervention in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – See more at:

15 BEST KETO RECIPES for Weightloss (and more)!Keto-Recipes-Image-Design-1-e1476110999659

Interesting, sulfur seen to be high in people with ALS.  I read this as an inability to convert sulfur to the usable sulfate.  To help with that we use the trace mineral molybdenum.  So then I wondered about:

  • Molybdenum deficiency and ALS:   There is an accumulation of evidence suggesting that some sporadic cases of ALS are at least partly due to genetic mutations (22). In the light of this evidence, it is possible that rather than Mo deficiency in isolation being the cause of SC-ALS it could be that Mo deficiency is the environmental factor that leads to the complete disease in persons of a particular genotype.  Interesting, as well, because molybdenum assists in the digestion of fats and carbohydrates.  You have problems digesting fats, and your fluctuation in blood sugar might also be related here.  Here is a paper – Impaired glucose tolerance in patients with ALS:  Molybdenum will be of great benefit for you, I feel.
  • Ginseng. In an animal model of ALS, ginseng was shown to significantly delay the onset of ALS symptoms (Jiang 2000). An extract from the ginseng plant called ginsenoside has also been found to increase the expression of SOD1 (Kim 1996). Ginseng and its extracts may also be able to protect motor neurons from apoptosis and membrane damage, further helping to slow the progression of ALS (Radad 2011). I have chosen a ginseng supplement for you I believe is high-quality with the correct form of ginseng and a standardized dose of the ginsenosides.
  • And, yes, I do think supplementing with SOD will be helpful in spite of the genetic deficit in the enzyme:
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).The genetic form of ALS is autosomal dominant with a defect on SOD1, the gene encoding SOD. Superoxide is an oxygen molecule with an extra electron. SOD is an antioxidant enzyme that adds hydrogen to the superoxide molecule to convert it into stable oxygen plus hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (Robberecht 2000).There is evidence that the point mutations in SOD, which are associated with ALS, may contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction (Beal 1999b). Another study showed that treatment with SOD improves neuromuscular dysfunction and morphological changes in wobbler mouse motor neuron disease (Ikeda et al. 1995).SOD is under Phase I scientific investigation for its use in ALS (Kinoshita et al. 1998; Hurko et al. 2000). – See more at:

“Fungi with the FUN Guy!”  – Clinical Herbalist & Mushroom Expert JUSTIN GARNER Mushroom Foraging dreamstime_xs_59739951



Sunday, September 11 – 3 pm to 6 pm

NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for July 31st but was rescheduled due to lack of rain.

Edible mushroom expert Melany Kahn, and herbalist Justin Garner, owner of Sweet Flag Medicinals in Brattleboro, VT, will lead a walk through the woods of Distant Hill Gardens in search of edible and medicinal mushrooms and cooking up the edible mushrooms we find for a tasting!
Suggested Donation for this Special Workshop: $15

Registration is Required at


Marlow Mushroom Walk 2016  Click this link for all the juicy DETAILS!

Join the Davis Public Library and the Marlow Town Library  for an informational hike with Justin Garner of Sweet Flag Medicinals:
Identifying Wild Mushrooms
Saturday September 10, 2016 3pm
Meet at
The John D. Perkins, Sr.
Academy of Marlow
919 NH Rte 10 North, Marlow, NH
This event is free and open to the public

Participants should arrive prepared to hike with appropriate shoes and clothing.

Contact the Davis Public or Marlow Town Library for more information

Justin Garner has been hooked on plants since the fourth grade. His formal education in organic and biochemistry, physiology, and pathophysiology, botany and clinical herbalism in conjunction with his direct experiences with the plants themselves allows him to gain a holistic perspective of his clients. He uses this perspective to educate his clients on herbal, dietary, and lifestyle changes that can aid them on their paths to health.

He practices out of Sweet Flag Medicinals in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Justin is also an avid edible and medicinal mushroom forager. He enjoys teaching both children and adults about the wonders of the woods and fields around us. He has been introducing students to wildcrafting mushrooms and wild edible plants at The Compass School in Westminster, VT and leading mushroom forays at Distant Hill Gardens in Walpole, NH and for the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center in West Brattleboro, VT.


Cooking Oils dreamstime_xs_40047273

FIX.COM – NUT, SEED, AND FLOWER OILS – Which Cooking Oil to Use When!  While I do not recommend or every use polyunsaturated oils, this is a TERRIFIC guide to what oils remain intact at what temperature.  I’m printing this to tape into the inside of a kitchen cupboard!


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